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Network marketing

Network marketing

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Although some breakthroughs have been made in the market, which has brought hope to the enterprise and most members of the distribution channel, the enterprise has few market development resources left, and the product has not yet formed a profitable model. Distribution follow-up is the focus of the new product channel strategy. The distribution channel follow-up includes further establishment and improvement of the distribution network to expand the breakthrough on the point to the surface as soon as possible, through the integration of diversified channels to expand the rate of product delivery and increase sales, and to do a good job in the inventory management, collection management and after-sales service of distributors. In-depth visit. Logistics distribution, terminal tally and terminal vivid management and other specific sales management work close to the market, follow up services. Distribution follow - up is not only the full service, but also the full grasp of market information. The process of competing for information. In the distribution follow-up, the network has been strengthened, sales have been consolidated, information feedback has been obtained, and the sales system has been developed healthily in the distribution follow-up, and a breakthrough has been achieved from point to surface. On the basis of accumulated experience in agent management,

Price system. Marketing policy. The management mode is also becoming more mature, in various agents have a greater influence, for the construction of a national marketing network to lay the foundation and establish a competitive advantage in the field of marketing.

A well-designed channel system may suddenly show some deficiencies after operation, which must take some corrective measures. In fact, in order to adapt to the change of market needs, the whole channel system or part of the sales channel system must be amended and improved at any time. Through the following several aspects of measures, gradually establish enterprises and agents of the "win-win" mechanism.

Price policy to encourage agents to stock, to ensure that the enterprise to sell sufficient quantities of goods. The factory drew up a price list to give different discounts to different dealers of different types, or different discounts for different quantities of goods.

Terms of Payment For agents who pay early or on time, different discounts are offered according to the time of payment. This measure can stimulate the agent to pay the enthusiasm, for the production and operation of the enterprise is also very beneficial. Enterprises on the processing of defective products or price adjustment to make some commitments to the agent may encourage the agent to let go of the purchase of the agent to relieve the worries.

Regional division: the enterprise should make clear the regional rights of the agents. The factory has licensed agents in a number of areas. Agents pay close attention to how many franchisees there are in the neighborhood or within the same district, and to the extent of their special rights. The number of franchised agents in the vicinity or in the same area of the factory and the number of franchised agents granted by the enterprise

The promise of the right will affect the sales of agents, which will also affect the enthusiasm of agents in a great way. Therefore, the enterprise must give the agent the right to set the region accordingly.

At the same time of maintaining marketing channels, according to the regional market capacity and structure changes combined with the specific development status of each channel members, the line timely adjustment, the first choice of those who have a large influence. The strategic significance of the core market, direct control terminal densely distributed points to drive the main competition to improve the market coverage, so as to establish the market advantage of the enterprise for long-term development.