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China's cutting tool Market: closer to the world's manufacturing industry

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Author: Please give a brief introduction to the development of the international cutting tool industry and the latest trends of the international cutting tool giants. What will this impact on the deve

Li Yuyuan, General Manager of Eastcard Tool International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Understands China's Tool Market

Author: Please give a brief introduction to the development of the international cutting tool industry and the latest trends of the international cutting tool giants. What will this impact on the development of China's manufacturing industry?

Li Yuyuan: Just like the driving force of the development of all industries, are derived from demand; today's cutting tool industry, also because customers have higher and higher productivity requirements, and with the emergence of new manufacturing industries, as well as the emergence of new materials and innovations in the continuous upgrading. Today, companies are increasingly segmenting their technical teams, from product to industry, with an experienced team to support their services. For example, Iska, from R&D to technical service team, has owned the mold industry group, automotive industry group, aviation industry group, MTB group, as well as the increased energy industry group, medical industry group and so on. In terms of products, on the basis of cemented carbide cutting tools, in order to adapt to high-speed cutting, dry cutting and other special requirements, enterprises are striving to introduce new tool materials, coatings and geometry.

5 years ago, international cutters began to merge. This merger process has enabled several major world knife groups to further improve their product categories, continue to strategically layout in the global market, but also to make competition more intense. But this kind of benign competition brings better products and services to customers, and promotes the development of manufacturing industry. In addition, after the financial crisis, all countries are actively encouraging exports, China's huge manufacturing market, naturally become the eyes of all countries'businessmen "cake". The involvement of new technology, new products and new services will surely raise the level of China's manufacturing industry as a whole and close the gap between China's manufacturing industry and the world's manufacturing industry.

At the same time, however, China's local manufacturing suppliers must also begin to realize the pressure and crisis. Only by constantly improving their comprehensive capabilities, it is possible to gain a foothold in the competition, and make use of "geographical" resources to better play their advantages.

Author: According to the latest development trend of cutting technology in the world, what are the gaps between China's cutting tool enterprises and foreign countries?

Li Yupu: we have seen the remarkable progress made by domestic cutters in the past ten years. From the concept of change to the system of change; followed by changes in the structure of the company, changes in the operating system; thus promoting product quality and sales growth. However, we must also recognize the gap between China's cutting tool enterprises and foreign enterprises. Generally speaking, China's cutting tool enterprises lack innovative ability, lack of promotion ability and lack of service ability.

At present, some Chinese enterprises already have the ability and technology to produce advanced cutting tools. However, in the aspect of research and development, most of the domestic enterprises are still imitating, lacking the spirit of independent innovation. The result will be a lack of representational products, which will always be passively followed in the industry. For example, how to use new materials and coatings to adapt to high-speed cutting and cutting new materials, composite materials. If the application of these new technologies is not timely, our domestic enterprises will lag behind a lot.

In addition, many domestic companies do not pay much attention to or do not know how to create and publicize their brands. These are also in sharp contrast to the public relations marketing department of foreign enterprises, which attaches great importance to improving the corporate image.

Finally, the service mentioned, many domestic enterprises still maintain a simple sales model, which has formed an absolute gap with foreign tool manufacturers. As I mentioned before, many foreign companies have set up different industry groups to study the particularity of each industry and related cutting needs, and actively develop and sell. Most Chinese enterprises still lack such service awareness, resulting in service lag and passivity.

Author: How do you view the changes in the demand for cutting tools market, especially in China? How do you understand and grasp the historical opportunity of the development of the seven strategic emerging industries?

Li Yuyuan: With the continuous promotion of state support projects in the financial crisis and the return of foreign-funded enterprises brought about by the economic recovery, we firmly believe that the machining industry will continue to grow in 2011. In addition, it is well known that the State Council executive meeting in October 2010 adopted the Decision of the State Council on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of Strategic Emerging Industries (hereinafter referred to as the Decision). Among the seven industries supported by the State Council, four of them are high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new energy vehicles. Both are closely related to the machining industry, which not only brings us business opportunities, but also greater challenges to our R&D department.

High-end equipment manufacturing industry, the focus of the development of "trunk and branch aircraft and general aircraft-based aviation equipment", "rail transit equipment", due to the importance of the headquarters to the aviation industry, Iska products in the aviation industry has always been in a leading position, has a recognized reputation. As for the new energy industry, the "development of nuclear energy industry" and "improvement of the level of wind power technology and equipment" mentioned specifically in the "Decision" set strict requirements for machining. The products of Iska and Unitac, a subsidiary of Iska Group, have unique advantages in deep-hole processing of nuclear energy equipment. The national industrial promotion policy will This is our new opportunity. New energy vehicles are not only the requirements of single technology.