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Analysis of domestic cutting tool Market

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As a high-end mechanical product which reflects the comprehensive strength of an enterprise or even a country, automobile is still a luxury for China, which was not developed and rich ten years ago. B

China's cutting tool market before the "decisive battle"

As a high-end mechanical product which reflects the comprehensive strength of an enterprise or even a country, automobile is still a luxury for China, which was not developed and rich ten years ago. But as China's per capita GDP reaches the $1,000 threshold, car production and sales in China's auto market have been growing at eye-catching double-digit rates in the last five years. In 2003, China's automobile production and sales reached 4.4 million, becoming the world's fourth largest automobile producer and third largest automobile sales market after the United States, Japan and Germany. The brand-new and full of great potential market attracted the world's major automobile enterprises in various forms of competition to enter, red-eyed giants shouted "decisive battle China" A loud slogan.

The decisive battle of automobiles is based on China's huge population and people's increasingly affluent life. The rapid development of CNC machine tools and cutting tools occurred in the context of China's sustained economic development and the relocation of production bases to China by major industrial powers. From January to July 2004, China imported 3.3 billion US dollars of machine tools and cutting tools, an increase of 58% over the previous year. According to the survey report of the International Metal Processing Research Center, the world tool market sales in 2003 was about 13 billion US dollars, while the global annual growth rate was only about 3%. At a time of widespread weakness in the European and American markets, such a dazzling growth rate and market prospects in China also make foreign "big crocodiles" eyes, I believe in the next three to five years, "big crocodiles" fight China's slogan will also be heard in the field of Chinese machinery manufacturing.

Cutting tools account for a small proportion of the manufacturing industry, but they are a very active field. New materials for cutting tools. New technologies emerge one after another. Production, sale and service are colorful.

With the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, the knife market is bound to stage an astonishing "decisive battle".

In today's China's cutting tool market, foreign manufacturers are usually divided into three groups according to the concept of annual sales, which are more than 300 million yuan, 1-300 million yuan and less than 100 million yuan.

Sandvik Coromant of Sweden, the world's biggest knife manufacturer, is in the No. 1 group, with sales of 220 million yuan in 2001, 280 million yuan in 2002 and 350 million yuan in 2003. Coromant has a full range of more than 25,000 cutting tools and continues its dynastic hegemony at the rate of developing more than 1,500 new products a year; Kennametal, the world's second-largest seller, has an annual sales of 180 million yuan in China, leading the second group, followed by it. The second group is Taiwan's Xinghe Shanghai Co. (the main agent of KOMET, MAPAL and Japan's Mitsubishi, NT and other imported knife brands), with annual sales of 160 million; Walter (Walter) through excellent momentum and marketing management, plus tool grinders, about 120 million; ISCAR (ISCAR) in the successful acquisition of the United States Ing Sol (Ing) Ersoll's cutting tools division has also achieved a good sales record of 110 million yuan in China; similarly, Seco's acquisition of EPB from France and Jabro from the Netherlands, together with Seco, has pushed sales in China above the threshold of 100 million yuan and squeezed them into the second group.

In the second group, the import tool agents are Beijing Jinwanzhong (mainly acting for Japanese BIG Dazhaohe, Sumitomo electrician, OSG and Kyocera and other Japanese cutters as well as Swiss PWB, German Kelch knife alignment instrument), Beijing Yiyi (mainly acting for Italian Dandri knife handle and boring knife system and Japanese Kyocera knives), and so on. The annual sales of each company in China are The amount is up to 100 million yuan.

The third group is mainly the agents of foreign brand knives, most of which began to germinate and grow in the mid-to-late 1990s. It is noteworthy that the "knife elite" who emerged from mainstream companies such as Sandvik and Kenner Metals accounted for a large part of the business. Wu Zhenliang, a Shanghai-based co-founder, came from Sandvik, and even more so from Kenner Metals. Many, such as Chen Da science and technology Liu Xiaoyan (mainly agent Ingersoll and other knives), Beijing Andat Zhangqing (mainly agent Israel VARGUS threaded knife), Shanghai Shangli Zhang Zhongqin (mainly agent France EPB and Kyocera), Shenzhen Xieya Li Wenhong and so on. In addition, there are also many foreign brand holding companies or small agents, such as Zhou Chaohui's Shanghai Endia (main agent Sumitomo electrician and KOMET Germany), Feng Yuan's Chengdu Dragon (main agent Dejie Dijet), Junha's Shanghai Heli (main agent Japan Hitachi Tools, NT and YamaWA), Chen Jiaqing Tianhang Xingguang (mainly acting as Dijet), Jiang Guoqing's Ito Xin-Shanghai Zhongjing (mainly acting as Nikkei NIKKEN, OSG), Shi Youfei's Suzo Zhi (mainly acting as Nikkei NIKKEN, Nikkei), Guangzhou Lifeng (mainly acting as Mitsubishi, NT), Tianjin Linghua (mainly acting as Mitsubishi), Fu Minghuan's Guangzhou Taote (mainly acting as Kyocera, KORLOY) Shanghai Xinbang (mainly acting as Toshiba), Li Chengkui's Shanghai Miri Machinery (mainly acting as KORLOY and Taegutec of Korea) and so on. Most of these companies act as agents of Japanese and Korean brands of knives, with annual sales of less than 70 million RMB.

Domestic manufacturers are mainly our Zhuzhou Diamond, Chengdu Inger, Harbin Yigong, Harbin Quantity, Shanghai Machine Tool Accessories Factory, etc. Whether from sales or product type and quality