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Main trend of development of cemented carbide industry in the world

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According to the statistics of Japan Tool Association, China has become the largest machine tool consumer in the world, followed by Japan, the United States, Italy and so on. From the output value of 

According to the statistics of Japan Tool Association, China has become the largest machine tool consumer in the world, followed by Japan, the United States, Italy and so on. From the output value of cutting tools, the production of cemented carbide tools in recent years continued to increase, while the high-speed steel tools began to show a downward trend. The import and export volume of cemented carbide increased significantly. The main export target was Asia, followed by Europe, followed by North America and other regions.

The main trends of the world cemented carbide industry are as follows: Firstly, in order to meet the needs of the development of modern science and technology, the precision grade of U-grade cemented carbide has been eliminated in some developed countries. Many dimensional accuracy of cemented carbide dies has reached micron level, and some have reached the ultra-fine rice grade. Two, in order to adapt to the requirements of producing precision products, we must strive to improve the production process and equipment. In recent years, low pressure hot isostatic pressure sintering equipment and process, so that the density of cemented carbide products close to the theoretical value, up to 99.999%, a significant improvement in product quality. Third, in order to improve processing efficiency and meet the requirements of new automatic machine tools, some new cemented carbides have been developed, such as ultra-fine fine cemented carbide, gradient cemented carbide, dual-phase cemented carbide, self-lubricating cemented carbide, nano-scale cemented carbide, super-hard coating cemented carbide and so on. At the same time, cemented carbide industry is developing towards the matching of deep processing tools.