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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between high speed steel and cemented carbide

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Highspeedsteel: High-speedsteelisahigh-carbonandhigh-alloysteel,whichcanbedividedintotungstenandmolybdenumsteelaccordingtoitschemicalcomposition,ordinaryhigh-speedsteelandhigh-performancehigh-speedste
High speed steel:
High-speed steel is a high-carbon and high-alloy steel, which can be divided into tungsten and molybdenum steel according to its chemical composition, ordinary high-speed steel and high-performance high-speed steel according to its cutting performance. High speed steel must be strengthened by heat treatment. In quenched state, iron, chromium, tungsten and carbon in high speed steel form very hard carbides, which can improve the wear resistance of steel (hardness can reach HRC64-68). Another part of tungsten dissolves in the matrix, which increases the red hardness of steel.
The red hardness of high speed steel can reach 650 degrees.
High-speed steel has good strength and toughness, sharp cutting edge and stable quality after grinding. It is generally used to manufacture small and complex cutting tools.
Cemented carbide:
Cemented carbides are powders of refractory and high hardness metal carbides in the order of micron. They are fired at high temperature and pressure using *, molybdenum and nickel as binders. The carbide content of cemented carbide at high temperature is higher than that of high speed steel, with high hardness (HRC75-80) and good wear resistance.
The red hardness of cemented carbide can reach 800-1000 degrees.
The cutting speed of cemented carbide is 4-7 times higher than that of high speed steel. High cutting efficiency.
The disadvantages are low flexural strength, poor impact toughness, high brittleness, low impact and vibration resistance.
Generally speaking, high-speed steel has good toughness, impact resistance, good grinding, low hardness and poor red hardness. Cemented carbide has high hardness, good red hardness, poor impact resistance, poor toughness, and is not easy to grind into complex shapes, which is expensive.