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Tool market in China: the distance between the world manufacturing industry and the world

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  [HC] network hardware iscar international trade (Shanghai) Chinese interpretation tool market limited company general manager Li Yupu

  The author: please give a brief introduction to the development of the international tool industry overview, as well as the latest trends in the international tool giant. What impact will this have on the development of manufacturing in China?

  Li Yupu: a driving force for the development of industries like are source on demand; today's tool industry, because customers are increasingly high requirements on the productivity and with the development of modern manufacturing industry, and new material produced and constantly a innovation and upgrading. Today, each company is increasingly subdivided their technical team, from the product category to the industry, there is an experienced team to carry out service support. For example, iscar, from R & D to technical service team, already has a group of die and mould industry, automotive industry group, aviation industry group, MTB group and the increase of energy industry group, medical industry group. Products, in order to meet the special requirements of high-speed cutting, dry cutting, etc., in order to adapt to the special requirements of high-speed cutting, dry cutting, the company is trying to launch a new tool material, coating and geometry.

  5 years ago, the international cutting tool companies began a wave of consolidation. This merger process, so that several major world cutting tool group has further improved its product category, continue to carry out strategic layout in the global market, but also make the competition more intense. But this benign competition for customers to bring more quality products and better services, and promote the development of the manufacturing industry. In addition, after the financial crisis, each country is actively encourage exports, China this huge manufacturing market, naturally become the eyes of the business of the cake". New technology, new products, new services involved, will enhance the overall level of China's manufacturing industry, to narrow the distance between China's manufacturing industry and the world manufacturing industry.

  At the same time, however, Chinese manufacturing industry suppliers, must also be began to realize that the pressure and crisis, and only continue to improve their comprehensive ability, it is possible to gain a foothold in the competition, and the use of the geographical resources, better play to their advantages.

  Author: combined with the latest trends in the development of international advanced cutting technology, please talk about the present stage of China's cutting tool enterprises compared with foreign countries there are gaps?

  Li Yupu: we have seen the domestic tool enterprises in the past ten years to achieve remarkable progress. From the concept of change to the system change; after the change of the company's structure, operating system, and then promote the product quality improvement and sales growth. However, we must also recognize the gap between China's cutting tool enterprises and foreign enterprises. Generally speaking, China's cutting tool enterprises lack of innovation ability, lack of promotion ability, lack of service capacity.

  At present, some Chinese enterprises already have the ability to produce advanced tools and technology, but in research and development, most of the domestic enterprises are still dominated by imitation, the lack of independent innovation spirit. The result will lead to the lack of a product that can represent the image and is always in a passive state in the industry. For example, how to use new materials and coatings, to adapt to the cutting of high speed cutting and new materials, composite materials. If the application of these new technologies is not in time, our domestic enterprises will lag a lot.

  In addition, many Domestic Company do not attach importance to, or do not know how to create and promote the brand. These also with foreign enterprises in the public relations marketing department is very focused on improving the image of the enterprise to form a sharp contrast.

  The last mentioned services, a lot of domestic enterprises still maintain a simple sales model, which is the absolute gap with foreign tool manufacturers. As I mentioned before, many foreign companies established different industry groups to study the various sectors of the special and related cutting demand, take the initiative to develop, offer to sell, and most Chinese enterprises still lack such a sense of service, service leads to the lag and passive.

  Author: how do you see the changes in the tool market demand, especially the Chinese market? How do you understand and grasp the historical opportunity of the development of the seven strategic emerging industries?

  Li Yupu: as in the financial crisis, the national construction projects continue to promote, as well as the economic recovery of the return of foreign investment enterprises, we firmly believe that in 2011, the machine industry will maintain growth trend. In addition. As is known to all, in October 2010 the State Council executive meeting through the "the State Council on accelerating the fostering and development of emerging industries of strategic decision" (hereinafter referred to as the "decision"), in the mentioned seven of the State Council to support its industry, one of the four, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new energy vehicles, are closely related to the machining industry, which not only give us brought business opportunities, to our R & D department also greater challenges.

  High-end equipment manufacturing industry, highlighted the development "to stem regional aircraft and general aviation aircraft aviation equipment, rail transportation equipment", derived from the headquarters of the aviation industry attention, iscar products in the aviation industry has always been in the leading position, recognized reputation. In the new energy industry, the specific reference to the "development of nuclear power industry", "to improve the wind power technology and equipment", the machine put forward strict requirements, iscar and group's the Unitac products, in deep hole processing of nuclear power equipment have unique advantages, industry of national policies to promote will be our new opportunities. New energy vehicles are not only a single technology

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