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China's diamond bit industry has formed a certain scale and has great potential in the future.
Diamond bit is a drilling accessory with diamond as cutting tool. Diamond drilling refers to a drilling method that uses diamond as abrasive to break rock at the bottom of the hole in a rotary way and
Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between high speed steel and cemented carbide
Highspeedsteel: High-speedsteelisahigh-carbonandhigh-alloysteel,whichcanbedividedintotungstenandmolybdenumsteelaccordingtoitschemicalcomposition,ordinaryhigh-speedsteelandhigh-performancehigh-speedste
The export rebate rate of carbide blade increased to 16%, favorable export.
In order to further simplify the tax system and improve the export tax rebate policy, China has adjusted the export tax rebate rate of value-added tax for some products. Since November 1, the export t
Create new growth points with innovation
In 2018, the die factory promoted the roll teeth into the process research and application project construction as the No. 1 project. At present, the daily production capacity of this project has exce
Main trend of development of cemented carbide industry in the world
According to the statistics of Japan Tool Association, China has become the largest machine tool consumer in the world, followed by Japan, the United States, Italy and so on. From the output value of
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