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In 2018, the die factory promoted the roll teeth into the process research and application project construction as the No. 1 project. At present, the daily production capacity of this project has exce
In 2018, the die factory promoted the roll teeth into the process research and application project construction as the No. 1 project. At present, the daily production capacity of the project has exceeded 3000 pieces, the first pass rate of the product has reached 99.8%, and the cost of the unit product has been reduced by 53% compared with the same period of the same year. The project has achieved a new breakthrough in the processing capacity, quality and cost of the finished product of roller pressing.
Advance toward equipment automation
Automated and intelligent production mode is the inevitable trend of the development of the manufacturing industry, but also the only way to upgrade the transformation and development. But the road to automation and intelligence is not that easy.
"Whether there is a future in the branch factory, we must lay a solid foundation for this automation upgrade." The director of mold branch has emphasized many times at the company's internal meeting. At the same time, the automatic upgrading of the processing equipment for roll teeth has also been vigorously prepared in 2017.
The processing of roller finished products includes the processing of cylindrical surface, bottom plane and spherical surface. In addition to the surface grinder can be used to process the bottom plane into an assembly clamp, centerless grinder processing cylindrical surface, multi-purpose grinder processing sphere must be a single piece of processing, such as manual feeding, unloading, the efficiency will certainly not be greatly improved. The project's main person in charge and experts said. At the beginning of the project construction, the equipment department and the project team discussed in detail the automatic feeding and unloading scheme of centerless grinder and multi-purpose grinder. After verification by many parties, the scheme was finally determined.
Good things grind, inadvertently grinding automatic feeding system trial on the first day, the leadership received the operator's response: "This feeding system is not working, the quality of processed products is not good, it is not as good as I put it one by one." The automatic feeding system meets the quality requirement of the processed products after many times communication between the equipment personnel and the manufacturer and optimization of the relevant parameters of the system operation. It realizes that one person can take care of many equipments at the same time. The processing efficiency is increased more than twice, and the labor intensity of the operator is greatly reduced. At present, all three centerless grinders are equipped with automatic feeding system. . At the suggestion of the professional personnel of equipment department, the automatic loading and unloading system that the multi-purpose grinder ultimately adopts not only reduces its cost by more than 300,000 yuan compared with the budget, but also makes the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment more convenient in the later period. It really realizes using less money and doing more and better things.
In order to ensure the stability of the spherical surface processing quality, it is necessary to rebuild the multi-purpose grinding machine by numerical control. The machining section of mold branch said that the numerical control transformation of multipurpose grinder is revolutionary. One of them was an episode. One day, more than 4:00 p.m., a telephone call asked him to rush to the equipment renovation factory to confirm one of the components. But the long-distance bus in the target city had already started, so he had to take a drip-by-drip ride, and finally arrived at his destination at 11:00 p.m., and immediately arrived at the equipment renovation the next morning. The component is confirmed. Harvest will not fail sweat, "revolutionary" transformation of the CNC multi-purpose grinder, processing the stability of spherical quality has been excavated alloy business and end-user unanimous recognition.
"Many key parts of these components are designed and manufactured by our branch." The introduction said, like the CNC multi-purpose grinder chuck, the cost of external procurement is high, the journey time is still very long, and the mold factory made its own costs less than one quarter of the purchase.
Explore more optimized processes
The process is not workable, and everything is zero. The key to the finished product of the roller is the grinding of the sphere. As early as 2015, the mold branch has been trying to grind the spherical surface of rolled teeth, but after three technological improvements, the results are not satisfactory.
It is more appropriate to describe the improvement process of the spherical surface processing technology of roller pressing teeth by using "bright and dark flowers, peak circuit rotation". One of the most difficult parts is the improvement of the grinding wheel. Whether it is the structure of the grinding wheel or the material, we have been improved and verified many times. For example, the sphere and the outer cylinder require a smooth transition, the previous use of fitters to manually repair the sphere and the outer cylinder of the transition section, not only the consistency of processing products is poor, but also there are security risks. We have solved these problems through improvement. The quality of the products processed has been greatly improved, and the number of parts processed by single grinding wheel has been increased by four times over the same period of the same year.
In the process of processing, the water stains on the surface of products become a stumbling block for quality stability. The project team has consulted many experts inside and outside the company, and communicated with the grinding fluid supplier. According to the product material, anti-corrosion requirements were put forward. After a week of mixing, processing, soaking test, no surface water corrosion products. In the later stage, after a batch of finished products were sent to the production plant, 4 water stains appeared. Even if it is not worth mentioning four products, the project team attaches great importance to immediately contact the production branch "recall" and ultimately determine that it is not caused by grinding fluid. When asked why we should pay special attention to every little problem, the answer was, "The butterfly effect tells us that no problem is a small thing; any small problem is a big thing." After further improvement, the project group also applied for 2 national patents.
"At the same time, we are also challenging the products of higher quality." The deputy director of the mold factory said that the process improvement of the project team has not stopped and we are confident that we can achieve the "next goal" because of the increasingly stringent quality requirements of the end-users for the rolled teeth.