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    Zigong Brace Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd. is a trading company mainly engaged in cemented carbide and series products. The company takes the operation of the products of Zigong Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. as the leading factor, assists in the production of cemented carbide around the world, and shares in two domestic private enterprises engaged in the production and processing of cemented carbide, so that the company can diversify its products and meet your needs for cemented carbide at different levels. The company has many professionals, who can provide you with some professional support. Our company also has the right of self-supporting import and export, which can build a successful bridge for your enterprise's product and equipment import and export. Based on the business philosophy of "integrity, law-abiding, mutual benefit and win-win", the company sells products with reliable quality, reasonable price and complete specifications, which has won the trust and praise of customers.

    Our philosophy

    In today's increasingly fierce global competition and rapid pattern change, the business philosophy is the basis for managers to pursue enterprise performance, and the confirmation of the values and correct business behaviors of customers, competitors and employees. On this basis, the basic assumption, scientific and technological advantages, development direction, common belief and business objectives of the enterprise are formed.

    Based on service, quality for survival and science and technology for development

    Customer first, considerate service, leading technology

    Service oriented enterprise development; High quality service and honesty

    Customers are God and the parents of the enterprise. The more customers, the more prosperous the enterprise

    Customer first, technology first, unity and cooperation, truth-seeking and pragmatic

    Our honor

    The company is mainly engaged in cemented carbide series products, auxiliary chemical products (excluding dangerous chemicals and easily made drugs), production of mining tools and office supplies, domestic sales and import and export of mechanical equipment (excluding products prohibited by the state). The best-selling products at home and abroad have won us a good reputation and credibility. At the same time, it also urges us to constantly improve ourselves and make unremitting efforts to move forward. Our company always adheres to and will always adhere to the purpose of "integrity, law-abiding, mutual benefit and win-win", and strives to provide customers and friends with the most professional products and the best quality services. If you need anything, please contact us in time.

  • Leading the business and taking a long view

    Forge ahead with both hands, create the future with ability, and become and be recognized as a company providing world-class consumer goods and services. There is no bystander in striving. You and I are all practitioners. One day's efforts are victory, and persistence is eternal. Responsible attitude determines everything. Only with a responsible attitude can we have a sense of awe, ambition, dream, future, and how far we can go.

  • Technological innovation, dare to be the first

    It has ISO international quality certification to facilitate international material exchange and mutual assistance, and expand cooperation in science, technology and economy.

  • Enter the world and make a big splash

    Our company also has the right of self-supporting import and export, which can build a successful bridge for your enterprise's product and equipment import and export.

  • Enterprise Atlas

    A good office environment is not only the embodiment of the unit culture, but also the embodiment of the "people-centered" service idea. To establish a good office environment requires a systematic management system, so that department employees have more time and energy to do more efficient work for the unit.

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Our company adheres to the concept of "quality first, honest management"

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